Twishr | New Marketplace is Live

New Marketplace is Live

From the lemon of a year that 2020 was, anything from 2021 will be massive improvement. We are excited for summer, when as parents, we will finally be able to enjoy the summer as it is meant to be. And that includes summer camps, when the kids will finally be out of our hair. 

Twishr lends a hand to all the providers and the parents who have been patiently waiting for 2021. 

If you're a provider, and want to list your services, send over an email to or fill up the form here Twishr | Activity Centers | Summer Camp Listing | Schedule your demo and one of our account managers will connect with you. 

Check out the listing service here : 

And while, you can't do much with the lemons from 2020, we can surely make some lemonade out of 2021. Or lemon meringue pie. Yumm!